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Benefits of TBA Connect with international business leaders and industry experts from Sub-Saharan Africa. -Read more

Will your company be a participant?

Dayo Consulting invites you to consider the potential of the Sub-Saharan marketplace by participating in our Top Business Associates (TBA) Club. 

Business leaders and industry experts meet monthly for debate and to collaborate on business relationships with their counterparts in Sub-Saharan Africa.
This according to Euromonitor International: "Consumer spending in Africa is expected to double, reaching nearly $1 trillion a year by 2020".

Examples of the topics TBA members meet to discuss and analyze :

  • Economic opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa and markets around the world
  • Business strategies for these environments
  • The impact of government regulations, local restrictions, tariffs, and infrastructure
  • Partnerships, cooperatives and affiliations
  • Market development and infrastructure support
  • Any other initiatives and issues important to TBA participants

China and India

“Africa’s growth is hovering above 5%—with rates approaching 10% in Angola and Ghana— even as the economies of billion-person, developed markets in India and China are slowing.

India’s economy grew 5.3% in the first quarter, the lowest rate in almost a decade, while China grew 8.1% in the same three months, the slowest since the spring of 2009.”

Business without Borders, July 2012

Dayo Consulting’s Contribution

  • In-country network introductions
  • Enabling and mediating trading relationships
  • Assessing organizational readiness for market entry
  • Evaluating environmental and social impacts
  • Organizing strategy, planning, and execution