Do any of these describe your business ?

  • You have a product or service for the African marketplace.
  • Yours is an African-based company in need of suppliers or distributors.
  • You have goods or services for Africans living aboad.
  • You are looking for business partners in Africa.
  • You have a technology that needs an African-based infrastructure.
  • You want to outsource to African countries.
  • You need help navigating African government policies, regulations and customs.

In other words

  • Do you have a plan ?
  • Do you have the resources to move forward?
  • Do you have the infrastructure to support growth?
  • Can your current system handle expansion?
  • How are planning to reach your customers?
  Ernst & Young predicts that foreign direct investment in Africa will grow by over 70% to $150 billion a year in 2012.*  
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