Entering the global marketplace takes careful planning. It may require adjusting financial goals, re-directing resources  or redefining your brand. Dayo Consulting’s strategic business reviews provide thorough, honest, and realistic recommendations on what it will take to participate in the Sub-Saharan marketplace.

Entering a new market means planning your corporate strategy, setting goals, and making decisions about managing resources. But, have you ever considered what it means to be a good corporate citizen? Defining your enterprise strategy puts substance, organization and cohesiveness to mission statements, codes of conduct, and social and environmental responsibilities.

Aligning financial goals with social, political and environmental responsibilities lets other businesses know that you infuse action with substance, thus garnering respect from business partners and the communities you serve.

Dayo Consulting helps clients formulate enterprise strategies that:

  • Link ethical and strategic thinking.
  • Define what it means to be a good corporate citizen.
  • Identify actions that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.
  • Create a plan for managing in a crisis.
  • Provide a code of conduct for employees and stakeholders.

Most small businesses do not have an enterprise strategy. Just having one is a mark of distinction that can bring attention and respect in a crowded marketplace.

Particularly when companies in different countries are creating connections, a clearly defined enterprise strategy can make the difference between beginning a partnership and losing an opportunity.