Technology development is an enormous industry. Nowhere is there more potential for growth than in Sub-Saharan Africa. Developers, suppliers, producers, and consumers are just beginning to make a network for themselves. Dayo Consulting has created ties between businesses in many industries and is always looking for new participants.

Thanks to a dramatic surge in foreign investment, the telecom, banking, retail, construction and oil and gas industries in the Sub-Saharan region are booming. The key to Africa's future economic growth in all sectors will require increasing the quantity and quality of the continent's infrastructure.

Many African markets have just begun to mature beyond trading their resources for infrastructure improvement and are beginning to incorporate technology transfer. High-speed internet and broadband access alone makes e-commerce, cloud, real-time video and IP-based voice a reliable reality. African companies have begun to conduct global business very competitively. As more small and mid cap businesses enter on the supply side of goods and services such as electronics and mobile technology, the greater the demand will be for infrastructure improvements.

Dayo Consulting is recruiting small and medium-sized businesses for participation in the expansion of technology in these emerging markets.

Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Suppliers of goods and services for telecom, internet, and broadband technologies
  • IT expertise
  • Education and training services
  • Energy resource managers
  • Waste management companies
  • Agricultural processing companies
  • Wood workers and carpenters

The ability of Africa to innovate and move up the developmental ladder is primarily contingent on its technological capabilities. The building of the infrastructure that makes this a possibility is well underway. Consumers have created a growing demand. Businesses that can position themselves in the middle of the distribution chain now will have a lot of growth ahead.