Business success is not only defined by objective and quantifiable criteria like size, growth and financial stability. Success in an international market might require changing your business model, the products or services you offer, your methods for advertising or even the name of your business.

Internally, you will have to learn how to conduct business in a foreign environment where the laws, customs, practices, and technology might be significantly different than your own.

A thorough evaluation of your company’s preparedness for entry into the African market is a critical step before moving towards marketplace investment.

Dayo Consulting’s business analysts can provide the necessary knowledge by :

  • Reviewing your business systems and providing an outsider’s perspective of your preparedness for market entry.
  • Identifying the systems, processes and resources that are impacted by expansion.
  • Collaborating with employees responsible for the project.
  • Identifying systems to support an international presence.
  • Recommending resources for both immediate and long-term support.
  • Identifying organizational goals necessary to market success.
  • Planning contingencies.
  • Ensuring that your organization can handle growth.

A thorough business analysis instigates a number of benefits including increasing the ability of your organization to adapt quickly to change, aligning IT systems support, improving time-to-market, as well as reducing risk, complexity, and redundancy.