Effective project management can mean the difference between being the first company into a market clamoring for your product and getting there so late that you can’t generate enough sales to break even. With wide-open (and unknown) marketplaces like those in the Sub-Sahara, getting it right is critical.

Whether your project is a market launch or designing and implementing an internal system to support it, Dayo Consulting’s project project managers define priorities and scope, keep the plans on track and watch the budget so your team can get the job done.

Here is some of what Dayo Consulting’s project managers do differently :

  • We contribute knowledge of the African marketplace.
  • We strategize, inspire, and motivate; not supervise, control and correct.
  • We work like stakeholders in your company, keeping an eye on long term goals, company vision and the lasting impact of each decision.
  • We love change.
  • We mentor employees, so the next time your company is faced with a major project, your  project manager is found among your employees.

While we are a part of your project team, we want to be indispensable. Once the work has been successfully completed, we hope you won't miss us at all.