Marketing is about creating relationships. What matters most is finding the partners and consumers who are looking for what you have, gaining their trust and demonstrating the value of doing business with you.

Dayo Consulting can take you to your audience and show you how to communicate with the businesses and consumers that make up your market. Sometimes communicating effectively is as simple as knowing the terms used in the environment. We can be your translator.

Dayo Consulting can help your marketing efforts by :

  • Recommending marketing and sales programs
  • Helping to define your brand in a foreign market
  • Identifying marketing channels
  • Putting messages into terms that will be well received by your target audience
  • Writing sales and marketing copy
  • Recommending marketing materials
  • Showing you how to use technology in foreign countries

There is nothing that cannot be accomplished, even at a distance, when solid and trustworthy relationships are built between like-minded business leaders in a value chain. We will help you design messages that get your ideas understood and remembered.