Emerging markets provide profound opportunities for small businesses. Building a robust international company requires sourcing markets for your product, locating business partners overseas and constructing the network needed to move goods and services between countries. If you do not have the knowledge or the resources to do this on your own, let Dayo’s consultants lead the way.

Dayo Consulting builds the trading systems between small and mid cap businesses in Europe, North America and Africa. Our clients are companies positioned for participation in the global economy.

Our clients include:

  • Companies entering the African marketplace for the first time.
  • Companies with goods and services to export to Sub-Saharan countries.
  • Businesses needing raw materials and finished goods from Africa.
  • Companies in Sub-Saharan countries that require goods and services.
  • Companies that provide goods and services to African nationals.
  • Businesses that are key components of the value chain, including distributors and resellers.

Dayo Consulting makes the connections and helps establish the infrastructure that moves goods and services back and forth between African communities and the rest of the world. We give particular attention to the fairness of trade by looking out for small businesses that do not have the resources to build systems themselves.