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Businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa are becoming vital elements of the global economy. They have only just begun to fill the needs Read More...

The emerging markets of the Sub-Saharan region are gaining wealth and transitioning from exporters of commodities to consumers of cars, clothing and electronics. African demand for goods and services is increasing exponentially, both inside and outside of Africa.

Impressive economic growth numbers show that many African countries are active participants in the global economic recovery. In response to a growing middle class, business in countries such as Angola, Nigeria, and Ghana are expanding at record rates.

Dayo Consulting creates bridges between marketplaces. We focus on maintaining relationships with business communities in the Sub-Saharan region and building thriving, equitable, and transparent economic relationships.

Global Networking

Political stability and a prosperous economic climate have boosted the vitality of markets the Sub-Sahara. Because of strong ties to the region...

Partnership and Affiliation

Growth and prosperity does not require expensive capital investment and unwanted responsibilities. Partnerships and affiliations put the power ...

  Business Club: TBA

Sub-Saharan Africa's marketplace is growing at a pace that rivals China's. The regulatory, economic, and cultural environment of the region is complex...

Commodities Trading

Africa is rich in natural resources and raw materials. Commodity trading in Sub-Saharan Africa is dependent upon political conditions and regulations...

Our mission is providing open access to the global marketplace wherever we can build an influence and make a difference. Our clients benefit from both the breadth and depth of our consulting services. There is no task too challenging.

We began Dayo Consulting in recognition of the need to create trust and transparency between Sub-Saharan Africa countries and the global community. Our goal is to bring all businesses fair, enduring and dynamic economic opportunities.