Our services enable us to build the systems businesses need to compete in African markets and prepare African businesses for trading relationships outside the Sub-Sahara. Through personalization, we offer added-value premium services with focus on growing our clients’ businesses and steeling their personal aspirations.

Management Consulting

Management Support Services

Because management could be rocket science, our core strength lies in helping our clients simplify issues, create values, become adaptive and remain competitive.

The practice of helping organization to remain focus, on cause, productive, efficient and effective all are within the range of services we offer. Where internal human resource is an issue, a short term, and affordable interim manager can fill the gap, fast and discretely. Here are our consulting services:

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Plan development
  • Change management
  • Information Services and Systems management
  • Sourcing- partners, equipments, commodities
  • Process optimization strategy development
  • Independent due diligence and compliance services
  • Premium Services


Trainings; Seminars; Workshops

We leverage on our knowledge in multiple markets to plan, organize and implement state of the art events. Our events are targeted specifically to the needs of our clients. By working with accredited partners and recognized companies, we continuously meet and surpass the expectations of all our clients. A typical example of Management seminar is " Succession Planning, Change Management, Wealth Management etc.

  • Management Seminar
    • Strategy session
    • Workshop facilitation
  • Trainings (executives and middle managers, and entrepreneurs)
    • On-site- training (our trainers and facilitators come in for a blocked time
  • Off-site- at one of our training centers in Switzerland
  • Premium Services

Premium Services

VIP Services

The third thing we know how to do best is creating values for our clients. We do this by offering services that are personalized to their private and business needs, on an individual basis. These services include but are not limited to:

Wealth Planning and Our strategies

  • Determine your risk tolerance based on:
    • Age
    • Timeline
    • Retirement plan
    • Family lineage
    • Continuity with successors
    • Personal values
  • Optimize your existing wealth in your retirement savings plan
  • Risk Management
    • Diversification of investment portfolio
    • Regional investment plans
    • Financial products
  • Develop plans and strategies for base the following strategies:
    • Your investment
    • Take charge on time
    • Align family and business interests with goals and expectations
    • Help you create a culture of accountability and prudency
    • Capitalize on your family’s combined resources.
    • Help you to develop the trust to delegate, empower, and respect independence in managing your wealth
    • Diversify but focus and be in control
    • Become simply attentive to the changing market

Develop your successor (head of family) on time, and with strong wealth management skills

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Family Wealth Advisory and Heritage Preservation

  • Help you develop the strategies to invest your heritage family wealth to preserve family dreams.
  • Work with you to answer questions such as:
    • How secure is my personal freedom and altruism?
    • What are the issues, historic or expected occurrences and ideals that can cause anxiety?
    • Will everyone’s needs and desires be met?
    • What is the best wealth preservation strategy?
    • How can the continuity of the family’s values be assured?

Answers to these questions can only be given by professionals with long standing experience planning family wealth

Because our experts have been there, they the skills and the experience to provide help you answer these questions. Our knowledge, we believe, make us distinctively apt to help you balance financial and human resources, while respecting your family’s tradition and planning for their future.

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Family and Ancestors Care - Welfare

  • Shopping – whether you want to do spot, remote or order placement shopping, we can hell
    • Swiss Embroidery (remote order possible from all our embroidery partners
    • Swiss watches (avoid queuing. Secure your Swiss luxury watch fast through our alliances)
    • Luxury cars
    • Swiss made private Helicopters, aircraft and tugboats
    • Other – security gadgets, building technologies and professional services
  • Holiday
    • With family, in a hotel or holiday house
    • Children holiday, with guidance
    • Anniversaries – wedding day, birthday, special dates and occasions and milestones
    • Other
  • Schools & Education
    • Arrangement of day or boarding school for children of underage
    • Procession of admission for university, language school or vocational schools
    • Short stay for vocational study- learning the language or culture away from parent
  • Children Education and their choice school
  • Arrangement of day or boarding school for children of underage
  • Procession of admission for university, language school or vocational schools
  • Short stay for vocational study- learning the language or culture away from parent
  • Other Vocational arrangement such as:
    • Holiday Camps
    • Summer camps Winter camps
    • Winter camps
    • Christian camps for adults, teenagers and children
    • Healthy diet and cooking training in family settings

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VIP Services for HNWIs and UHNWIs

Here comes the introduction sentence

    • Medical
      • First, second and third opinions
      • Alternative medicine
      • Recuperation
    • Lifestyle
      • Occasions and Events arrangement
      • Information about upcoming events
      • Ticket acquisition for events
      • Seat reservations at events
    • Security arrangements
    • Ambient Inner Office and Home Decoration
    • Limousine Service (with driver and bodyguards) available only in Switzerland
    • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport anywhere in Western Europe;
    • Chill-out

Loaded with work, at the brim of burnout? We could take over, while you hide away in a discrete, location. With simple instructions and a regular physical, phone or mail report, we could save you from complete breakdown, save your business and your image.

Call to action sentence

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Art and Sculpture as Wealth Preservation

According to the Art Newspaper, international edition, HNWIs now invest more in art than ever. Why?

It is the passion, the urge for differentiation, and a more endurable way to preserve wealth. According to Jeff Rabin, an art guru at Artvest Partners, art “is also quite significant that the growing awareness of art as an investment is occurring while HNWIs are pulling back from luxury consumables as the don’t have the same kind of attributes-a store of value or the potential to growth”.

So how do you attribute your wealth and art?

Do you know that 37.3% of European, and 31.1% of North American HNWIs now view art as the most fruitful passion investment?

Do you know that art is one of the few luxury movable goods that do not diminish in value? (City A.M.)

Our experts can offer you

  • Valuable investment advice
  • develop custom strategies for acquiring and selling art works
  • develop strategies for protecting art wealth
  • Define the goals and the strategy for passing your art collections to future generations

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Wealth Management - it includes providing advisory services on investment, savings, market information, and of course all other services that will help our clients grow their wealth and prepare for pension.

Medical Services - First, second and third opinion medical services in Switzerland might be what you need. State of the art medical examination, discrete, fast and efficient medical practitioners.

Our goal is ensuring that our services will be of benefit your organization. We charge a small upfront consulting fee for the initial review. We will create a project proposal and provide a number of pricing options including project estimates, hourly rates and retainer fees. VAT and expenses are charged separately.

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Clients Comments

  „The time to commence succession planning is now. Succession planning is relevant to families as well as to companies.“ Adams Okoene, CEO/Managing Director, Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited, Nigeria.

„Problem Solver! Hit the hot points.“ Adenike Adamolekun, Proprietor, Supreme Education Foundation, Nigeria.

„The event was very exciting and enlightening.“ Tunde Badejo, CEO/Managing Director, Soft Alliance and Resources Limited, Nigeria.