Our services enable us to build the systems businesses need to compete in African markets and prepare African businesses for trading relationships outside the Sub-Sahara. Through personalization, we offer added-value premium services with focus on growing our clients’ businesses and steeling their personal aspirations.

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Whether you have problems that need fixing, want to know if your company can manage growth or need to verify that you are spending your money wisely, a thorough business analysis by an outside consultant can identify waste, risks and untapped potential, and save your company thousands, and even millions, of dollars.

We require that our business analysts have been business owners themselves. This depth of knowledge when applied from an outsider’s perspective becomes the most useful tool available for planning and managing the direction of your company. A thorough analysis includes:

  • Reviewing all business operations
  • Analyzing the market and the industry
  • Detecting and quantifying risk
  • Identifying the systems, processes and resources that will be impacted by change
  • Recommending resources for both immediate and long-term support
  • Identifying organizational goals necessary for market success
  • Planning contingencies

We know that cash flow is the number one priority for all businesses. We keep that in mind through every element of our business analysis, including our pricing.

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Effecting transformative change in your organization may be one of your biggest obstacles to success. You may be surprised at how easy it is to implement change when limited by time or resources.

Dayo Consulting can help you identify, motivate and manage change anywhere in your company. All change efforts come down to the same mission: Can you get people to start doing their jobs differently?

With our change management services, our consultants will help you identify opportunities for change and create plans that will not only address how to make change happen but also how to inspire acceptance of change within your workforce. We do this by:

  • Evaluating company strategy and goals to determine where change is necessary
  • Considering change at every level - individual, organizational and societal
  • Providing tools for employees to better deal with change
  • Looking for patterns that are unique to your organization, so that change is easier to implement in the future.

Most companies operate on an evolutionary timeline. Change is slow, and often drives your organization in the wrong direction. Long-lasting and meaningful change within your company requires a system in place to support it. That means showing employees how to look at their work differently and giving them permission to affect it.

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To remain competitive, companies need a forward-thinking enterprise strategy. Do your current plans answer questions like these?

  • Where are you growing?
  • Is international expansion the right direction?
  • Where are the new and profitable markets?
  • What risks can your business take?
  • What funding is required? Where can you find it?
  • How can you justify it?
  • How do social and environmental responsibilities improve your profitability?
  • Do you have a crisis management plan? What is your exit strategy?

Forward-thinking, robust planning can ensure that profitability, growth and market share are not sacrificed by factors outside your control. Preparedness requires both internal and external evaluations.

Dayo Consulting provides clients with unbiased assessments, and both solid and balanced plans for propelling their businesses forward.

Let us help you understand the market forces that impact your business, and determine what it will take to be competitive next month, next year and five years from now.

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Establishing and maintaining a database management system might require sophisticated technology and a level of expertise that most small companies cannot provide internally. Even less complex IS programs require planning and execution that are beyond the expertise of many companies.

Dayo Consulting’s IT specialists concentrate on system design elements that are necessary for the protection and utilization of information assets. We not only provide high-level experts in-house, we also outsource services to qualified partners ensuring that you receive the most cost-effective, comprehensive and appropriate program for your business. Our services include:

  • Custom-built databases
  • Application development and add-ons
  • Optimized speed of delivery and accessibility
  • Minimal hardware and software investment
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Systems security and data encryption
  • Custom analytics
  • Cloud access

Let us be your technical support staff that manages every database, server, connection, back-up, virus and disaster recovery for you. Your information system can be as simple as one that performs regular data backups with secure connections to the internet. It may also mean a complex network that requires maintenance and data encryption. We offer end-to-end services to suit all our client’s needs.

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Projects are usually started with a plan, a budget and a deadline. Implementing a project on time and within budget is just 10% of the task. Creating and following a framework that maximizes its chance for success, minimizes the risk of failure and delays, and gathers the support of employees who will take over the work, often requires the focus of a project manager from outside your company.

A project manager has to be a motivator, teacher, negotiator, communicator, psychologist and cheerleader. Most small companies do not have this resource in-house.

That is where Dayo Consulting can help. Our consultants consider all project influences, regardless of source or politics, and avoid the painful blind spots that are inherent in complex plans. Our contribution can benefit in many ways.

  • Provide subject matter expertise
  • Connect project outcome with company goals
  • Deliver the project on time and within budget Identify measurable results
  • Motivate team members to get behind the goals
  • Provide employees the opportunity to demonstrate their skills
  • Strengthen support for the program where needed

Dayo Consulting can provide the outside view to help your company script the critical moves and create the solutions that are the purpose of the project in the first place.

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Sub-Saharan Africa has an abundance of raw materials and finished goods that are needed all around the world. These are low-cost, high-quality raw materials and finished goods that a few countries (including China) have had almost unchallenged access to over the past decade. On the other side of the transaction, African businesses need access to goods and services for a growing population that has significant buying power for the first time in history.

Dayo Consulting’s commitment to the prosperity of small businesses extends to creating pipelines of goods and services between sub-Saharan companies and the rest of the world. Our economic network goals: Commodities and Finished Goods Dayo Consulting buys directly from suppliers and producers. We offer our clients access to a streamlined free-trade network with none of the bureaucracy inherent in traditional procurement systems. This includes visa-free access to 80 countries. Types of materials in our trade network include:

  • Providing products and services where there is demand, but little or no supply.
  • Connecting small and mid-size businesses and maximize profits on both sides of the transaction.
  • Eliminating unnecessary steps between buyer and seller.
  • Addressing obstacles to market access like customs, communications and transportation.
  • Creating efficient and reliable supply chains.
  • Minimizing the risk associated with economic trade between countries.
  • Supporting small producers by providing access to buyers.

Small companies can significantly reduce their sourcing costs by using our network of strategic alliances, and gain access to partners in all our markets. We understand the culture of the African markets. We manage the supply relationship while you manage your business.

Agricultural: Cocoa, coffee, palm oil, ground nuts, fruit, sugar, hardwoods
Farm supplies: Farming equipment, hatchery systems
Industrial Supplies: Raw and semi-finished materials, fine chemicals, PET packaging materials, professional grade plastic pallets and containers, industrial machinery
New Energy: Electrical systems, renewable energy technologies (CFL/LED lamps, solar, wind and hybrid systems)
Catering/Hospitality: Kitchen and catering equipment, hotel supplies
Automobile: Personal vehicles and lorries- used grade “A” automobiles (with or without delivery guaranty), factory or custom-built automobiles, spare parts, special equipment
Construction Supplies: Hardware, plywood, gypsum, marble, granite, ceramic tiles, safety and general supplies, pipes, valves and fittings, security equipment, kitchen components
Technology: Telecommunications, mobile communications
Other: Waste management, construction equipment, water management, canalization, quarry materials

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Business success is a moving target. One of the most difficult tasks for developing a business plan is trying to predict the future. While many companies operate without a business plan, if you are looking for investors or venture capital, a solid business plan with a defensible growth strategy is essential.

Business plans no longer follow a standard format. There are fundamental elements required for every business plan, but they can take a different shape depending on their purpose, your market and even your competition. In addition to drafting your business plan, Dayo Consulting can:

  • Evaluate the business environment to determine areas of emphasis
  • Provide funding recommendations
  • Collect marketplace data
  • Perform independent financial analyses
  • Assess the competition

Our consultants will always emphasize taking action versus over- planning. Still, you do need to think through where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.

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Our goal is ensuring that our services will be of benefit your organization. We charge a small upfront consulting fee for the initial review. We will create a project proposal and provide a number of pricing options including project estimates, hourly rates and retainer fees. VAT and expenses are charged separately.

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Clients Comments

  „The time to commence succession planning is now. Succession planning is relevant to families as well as to companies.“ Adams Okoene, CEO/Managing Director, Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Limited, Nigeria.

„Problem Solver! Hit the hot points.“ Adenike Adamolekun, Proprietor, Supreme Education Foundation, Nigeria.

„The event was very exciting and enlightening.“ Tunde Badejo, CEO/Managing Director, Soft Alliance and Resources Limited, Nigeria.