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Nations in Sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing unprecedented growth. Investment from China is driving a commodities boom. The spread of new technologies like telecommunications and the increased investment in infrastructure are contributing to the spread of capitalism throughout the African sub continent. Many countries, including Angola, Chad, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Rwanda, have experienced 10-year growth rates that average above 7%. Congo, Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia are not far behind.

Has Anyone Noticed?

So far, very few. But Dayo Consulting is working to change that. Dayo Consulting GmbH (DCG) is an international business, technology, and trade consulting firm headquartered in Switzerland. Founder and CEO, Dayo Ogunsola, started Dayo Consulting to facilitate equal and transparent trade opportunities between Sub-Saharan Africa and the U.S. and the E.U. Our goal is bringing businesses and suppliers in underdeveloped countries to the attention of the international business community.

We at Dayo believe in going small. International corporations and foreign investors have had a strong presence in many Sub Saharan nations for quite some time. They have helped to create robust economies and a growing middle class. Now the economics are right for small- and medium-sized businesses to share in the prosperity.

Our Value

We make the connections and help establish the infrastructure that moves goods and services back and forth between African communities and the rest of the world. We give particular attention to the fairness of trade by looking out for small businesses that need a helping hand.
  Ernst & Young predicts that foreign direct investment in Africa will grow by over 70% to $150 billion a year in 2012.  

We do this by :

  • Educating business leaders on the dynamics of the African marketplace
  • Connecting small and mid cap businesses in our local community to their counterparts in the Sub-Saharan region
  • Finding markets for goods and services
  • Sourcing trading partners for our clients
  • Designing, building, and implementing business programs
  • Creating infrastructure that allows for the free flow of goods and services
  • Facilitating trade relationships
  • Serving on the supply side of transactions in the case of commodities sourcing

Dayo Consulting's Top Business Associates Club

In Sub-Sahara Africa too many small businesses do not have access to goods and services to keep up with local growth.The Dayo Solution connects manufacturers, suppliers, producers, retailers, service providers, designers, developers and innovators to local organizations, communities, markets and consumers. This is the network Dayo needs partners to help build.All over the world, demand exists for products and services that African business can provide but cannot get to the marketplace.
Someday we will all look back and say "It all started in Switzerland".